Sunday, November 13, 2011

Microsoft Product Cracked Key's

. Sunday, November 13, 2011

Windows Server :

Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition -----KX9YP-83MH3-GTFVG-JKCWC-629HG
Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition -----FQFYX-JXQRT-3MJGD-2B8HP-KHC8B
Windows Server Longhorn February 2007 CTP (IA64) -----9JB9R-HV9F2-9TQRG-372M3-DWH6H
Windows Server Longhorn February 2007 CTP (x86 and x64) ----- RGVDW-V3J3C-6CD3P-2CQJV-GF4PG


Windows Vista Business ----------- J9QVT-JJMB9-RVJ38-M8KT6-DMT9M
Windows Vista Home Basic --------- KJTCW-YQGRK-XPQMR-YTQG8-DKVG6
Windows Vista Home Basic N ------- YQWWH-2YD6Y-V3K2X-H4H8V-WJ8WT
Windows Vista Home Premium ------ PYYBC-K9XT9-V92KD-6CT89-4VB82
Windows Vista Ultimate ------------ PVVFY-2F78Q-8T7M8-HDQB2-BR3YT
Windows Vista Enterprise ---------- CYD8T-QHBMC-6RCMK-4GHRD-CRRB7


Windows XP Home Edition K ---------- W8F6Q-HM3JB-2XRHD-7Q92J-XKY6W
Windows XP Home Edition KN --------- M9D9J-2TQV2-FBJQP-2M8G8-DGQ26
Windows XP Media Center Edition ----- H23CJ-2WXM9-M9D2K-42226-DJWRD
Windows XP Professional Edition K ---- FRH2X-6VD7F-YH2TV-2V8B7-J46F6
Windows XP Professional Edition KN --- QKBGY-T8JFG-F448Q-24KR9-48XPJ
Windows XP Home Edition ------------ GHGCP-3KFC6-Y4J4D-MVG7V-67TV6
Windows XP Professional ------------- F9QV9-HDYR3-6QDR4-PGVW9-GTBBJ
Windows XP Professional IA64 Edition - BGVXG-CM3VK-FX848-B9JPY-YJJXD
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition -- PFFY7-Y9RRY-MT6C7-XMQPK-RWFCW
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition -------- WFMYK-68Y2T-JD473-W8DMW-8PFHQ

WINDOWS 2000 :

Windows 2000 Professional ------------ DDTPV-TXMX7-BBGJ9-WGY8K-B9GHM
Windows 2000 Server (All Versions) ---- KRJQ8-RQ822-YRMXF-6TTXC-HD2VM


Office XP Professional with FrontPage - GBJ7J-7MYPV-RJ46R-RQJXJ-WQ2CM
Office Professional 2007 -------------- VMRGQ-G3YMP-RWYH2-4TQ97-CT2HD
Office Ultimate 2007 ----------------- VJPW8-MB6MR-8D8YM-TW37V-WYVX3
Office Professional Plus 2007 --------- VBQJ8-CBP7J-CP4BH-Q9GFW-B8X
Office System Beta 2 2007 ----------- RQCRJ-FCTYM-V3PDF-GRD46-9YHXQ
Outlook 2007 ------------------------ DB4QP-GTFT3-FT3T6-VHHJ9-98XQQ
Office System Groove Server 2007 Beta 2 ----- WCMWF-H7DD9-3R2Q6-QM863-G7XD6
Office System Project Server 2007 Beta 2 ----- CYGH3-KVXBH-JDQV3-FFYPP-XGKD3
Office System SharePoint Server 2007 Beta 2 ----- C39KH-VHBKR-KT62D-Q4FVG-4PB76
FrontPage Professional 2003 ---------- RV3CJ-VCB3D-9PY99-YDKX8-9MG2T


Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Edition ------ PYYMB-HQQMQ-3TBM2-XJ99F-83XVM
Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition ------ W3MX6-2WXMD-QB887-4WGPK-VPVDY
Forms Server 2007 -------------------- K76FH-Y2JHK-9BGCR-37KPR-4Y6JQ
Project Portfolio Server 2007 ---------- QRPKT-683CC-MJ9VJ-FHBCC-HYKGD
Project Server 2007 ------------------- GM27X-X6X37-T69MH-98J3Q-44TKG


SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Edition --- F6YVR-4XY7K-RCVY4-37FBK-G44PY
SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Enterprise Edition ------ P87VV-Q34RV-GW2HT-JVXWV-3VFPM
SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Standard Edition ------ MYBJH-6YGQQ-6WW3C-FGM3V-YY6JW
SharePoint Server 2007 Standard Edition ------ WFF2P-M8XYH-3B33C-6KPP9-XVQTG
SharePoint Designer 2007 ------------ T9CJK-W68FW-D9FX6-37HG3-XHF7D


Access 2007 ------------------------- HP44H-VWH8K-J7T22-QD3KC-37F7D
Groove 2007 ------------------------- MCW9C-WTKM4-KRHBQ-CPYJQ-YYD93
Groove Server 2007 ------------------ R4X9H-MP2C6-CV2FX-QGPKY-93RPG
InfoPath 2007 ----------------------- C3R8F-TMMYD-TBGDP-2RDXT-88393
InterConnect 2007 ------------------- P2BJF-HGV87-RRFB7-8DVQR-F23DQ
OneNote 2007 ----------------------- GJ2V8-K8CHV-7QP4V-K23TM-CMQDQ
Project Professional 2007 ------------ T7CBB-KW6DD-VTHB9-6V4D4-K3393
Project Standard 2007 --------------- G2XT7-K47QK-BFVXC-83T9M-8Y63Q
Publisher 2007 ----------------------- VC3PJ-TBV6V-XWG4P-2GRBH-RVWVD
Visio Professional 2007 --------------- JVBKC-PVJRX-MCT9J-JV7FK-JXYK3
Visio Standard 2007 ----------------- VYK2W-K2Q3Y-MRCTC-WRWMY-8JCHD


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